How to Make Wedding Centerpiece – Part II

How to Make Wedding Centerpiece – Part II

Wedding Centerpiece 1

How to Make Wedding Centerpiece – Part II

Wedding Centerpiece 1

3. Homemade Wedding Centerpiece

When styling for a wedding, it’s fun to create something unique as a centerpiece that reflects your personal taste and style. This project is a fusion of classic elegance with a touch of ethnic fun. It can be used as a centerpiece on the individual dining tables at the reception, or as a showpiece at the guest check in table.


• Krylon Fusion for Plastic® Metallic Shimmer – Nickel (#2338)

• Krylon Frosted Glass Finish – White (#9040)

• Krylon Leafing Pens – Silver (#9902)

• 1 glass pedestal bowl

• 3 basic glass votives

• Smooth rocks or Mexican beach pebbles (any color, enough to fill opening of bowl)

• Sand (enough to fill base of your bowl)

• 3 votive candles

• Leftover newspaper or recycled paper

• Painters blue tape


1. Use newspaper to cover the upper part of the glass bowl, leaving only the pedestal exposed.

2. Gently spray Krylon Frosted Glass Finish on the pedestal base only. Build up layers evenly. The more you spray the more opaque the effect will be.

3. Next, tape off approximately 3/4 of your votive starting at the rim and going down, leaving the bottom 1/4 exposed. Spray the lower 1/4 of each one with the Krylon Frosted Glass Finish.

4. While the glass dries, place all your smooth rocks on top of newspaper, and spray an even coat of Krylon Fusion Metallic Shimmer paint #2338 Nickel Shimmer over all the rocks. Allow 15 minutes to dry and then flip them over and repeat on the other side.

5. You can also spray the sand by spreading a thin layer of sand on newspaper and then spraying it lightly. Let is dry. Then move it around and spray it again.

6. Remove the tape from the three votives once they are dry. Then wrap newspaper around the bottom ¼ that you just sprayed with the frosted finish.

7. Each votive will be a bit different and you can have fun varying the design. Tape off from the rim down as large or small a stripe as you like. This part that is taped will remain clear glass and the rest will be silver shimmer.

8. Spray the remaining exposed area of the votives with the Fusion Nickel Shimmer.

9. After paint is dry, use the Krylon Silver Leafing Pen to freehand simple ethnic designs (or any design you like that aligns with your wedding style) in the grey stripes that you have just created.

10. Use the Silver Leafing Pen along the base of the glass pedestal bowl to create a thin line around the outer portion of the base as an accent.

11. Once all of the elements are created you will fill the pedestal bowl with the sand, then add your rocks and nestle the votives in or on the rocks. Add votive candles or tealights to the votive holders and light.

4. White Rose Romance Candlescape

Add a little ambiance to your next big event or wedding. These beautiful flower candlescapes make great centerpieces and no one will ever guess you made them yourself. All you need is STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam and silk flowers!


• STYROFOAM Brand Foam: o Ball, 5″ o Two discs, 6″ x 1″

• White/ivory silk floral stems: rose and crystal leaf, 8 each; rosebud, 12; forsythia and lupine, 10 each

• Green silk ivy, 4 stems

• Green reindeer moss, 1 bag

• Crystal bead garlands: large wired; small

• White or ivory taper candles, 10″, 2

• 2 Plastic candle cups

• Scissors

• Wire cutters

• Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks

• Thick, white craft glue

• Floral U-pins

• Serrated knife

• Candle stub or paraffin

• Ruler


1. Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin. Cut foam ball in half. Glue one half-ball to center of each foam disc. Glue moss to exposed foam surfaces; let dry.

2. Use scissors tip to make small hole in center top of each half-ball. Glue and insert candle cups into holes; let dry.

3. Use wire cutters to trim all floral stems to 2″ lengths. Using photo as guide, glue and insert larger roses near center top of arrangement. Glue and insert remaining flowers, ivy, and crystal leaves into arrangement as desired, draping downward.

4. Wrap wired bead garland around lower half of each arrangement; repeat with small bead garland. Spot glue garlands to moss-covered foam; insert floral pins to secure.

5. Let arrangements dry completely. Place candles into holders.