How to Make Wedding Favors – Part I

How to Make Wedding Favors – Part I

Wedding Favors

How to Make Wedding Favors – Part I

Wedding Favors

  1. Black and Gold Wedding Favors

Looking for a new and different wedding favor box? These boxes are elegantly embellished in gold polka dots and black Mr. and Mrs.


DecoArt Products Required Paper Effects

• PE05 – Golden Gold

• PE12 – Black Pearl


• 3/8″ round foam pouncer brush

• Foam plate

• Frosted acetate favor take-out box (Hobby Lobby item 722918)


1. Use pouncer and Golden Gold squeezed out on plate to paint dots on front of box; allow to dry.

2. Use Black Pearl to write desired word on box; allow to dry.

2. Garden Flowers: “Our Love Blossoms” Seed Paper Favors

Looking for some great ideas for a crafty, handmade wedding? The Garden Flowers collection is simple and elegant — perfect for an outdoor ceremony. Follow these steps for gorgeous Seed Paper Favors from recycled paper and flower seeds.


• Arnold Grummer’s Cotton Linter Casting Squares: 2 oz package

• Arnold Grummer’s Butterfly Clay Casting Mold

• Flower seeds

• Blender or hand blender

• Terry towel

• 2 large cups

• Sponge

• Cardstock

• Accent cardstock

• Handmade paper pieces

• Lollipop sticks (available at craft stores)

• 1/2″ wide sheer ribbon: 4″ length per favor

• 7″ papercraft cone: 1 per table

• Color pencils, glitter glue


1. Tear off 4 cotton linter squares. Place in blender with 1 cup water. Blend for 10 to 15 seconds.

2. To tint pulp: add a 1″ square of tissue paper to pulp before blending.

3. Add a pinch of flower seeds to pulp and stir. Do not blend seeds!

4. Set strainer on cup. Pour blended pulp with seeds thru strainer. Save water in cup for next cast.

5. Plop pulp directly onto mold before removing any water. Pat pulp into image. Tilt mold over cup. Press water out out of wet pulp with fingers.

6. Use sponge to remove more water. Press pulp into every detail.

7. Use a terry cloth towel to remove last amount of water. Press firmly.

8. Ways to dry butterfly paper:

1.) Set mold in 250 oven till cast lifts off mold, about 10 mins.

2.) Gently wave hair dryer over back of cast till paper is dry enough to peel off mold. Set cast on counter to finish drying.

3.) Set mold in front of household fan.

9. Trim cast. To decorate, highlight edges of cast with color pencil and glitter glue.

10. Attach cast to lollipop stick with hot glue.

11. Print favor tag on cardstock using home computer.

Side 1: Couple’s names. Side 2: Directions- “Place this seeded butterfly paper into the ground and cover lightly with soil. Soon sweetly scented flowers will grow to remember us by.”

12. Attach tags with ribbon. Place 8 favors in paper covered cone embellished with ribbon
and handmade paper. Set on tables or hang on ornamnet hangers at the reception.

3. Heartfelt Collection: Candy Wedding Favors

Create an inexpensive favor for your wedding reception that’s easy to make and eco-friendly, using handmade paper and candy.


• Arnold Grummer’s Angel Wings: Multi Color Mix

• Arnold Grummer’s Large Dip Handmold

• Arnold Grummer’s Papermill PRO Envelope & Stationery Kit

• White photocopy paper to recycle

• Paper flowers or ribbon

• Candy of your choice


1. Use leftover handmade paper or use Arnold Grummer’s Large Dip Handmold or Arnold
Grummer’s Papermill PRO kit to make one sheet of paper per reception table. You’ll need
to make two sheets of handmade paper per table if you use Arnold Grummer’s Papermill

2. To make pulp, recycle plain or printed white photocopy paper. Use 1 1/2 sheets of
photocopy paper for every handmade sheet you plan to make. (Use 3/4 of a sheet if you
use the Papermill Kit.)

3. Add Angel Wing petals, iridescent flakes, fern (optional), snippets of thread (optional),
and 1/8 tsp. of paper additive to pulp before forming sheets.

4. Form, press and dry sheets following kit or handmold directions.

5. Trim (or tear) handmade paper to candy wrapper size.

6. Wrap candies and finish with paper flower or ribbon.

7. Set out in candy dishes on each table at the reception.